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Process Engineer

Date: Jan 13, 2022

Location: Castellon, ES, 12580

Company: IFF Family of Companies


At IFF, the heart of our company is fueled by a sense of discovery, constantly asking “what if?” That passion for exploration drives us to co-create unique scents and tastes in fine fragrances and beauty, detergents and household goods, as well as beloved foods and beverages.


The Process Engineer's mission is to assure the design, optimization and follow up of chemical processes with an emphasis in Chemical Engineering.

Job Duties & Responsabilities

  • Equipment design for its posterior application in organic synthesis reactions. 

  • Designing, installing and commissioning new production units, monitoring modifications and upgrades, and troubleshooting existing processes. 

  • Applying the principles of mass, momentum and heat transfer to process and equipment design, including conceptual, scheme and detail design. 

  • Process modeling and real process validation. 

  • Engineering continuous awareness of options for implementing them in case necessary assessing processes and assessing the adequacy of engineering equipment. 

  • Reviewing existing data to see if more research and information needs to be collated, conducting process development experiments to scale in a laboratory, supporting the conversion of small-scale processes into commercially viable large-scale operations.

  • Preparing reports, flow diagrams and charts; assuming responsibility for risk assessment for the health and safety of both company staff and the wider community; making observations and taking measurements directly, as well as collecting and interpreting data from the other technical and operating staff involved. 

Job Duties & Responsabilities (cont.)

  • Instituting scale-up and scale-down processes including appropriate changes to equipment design and configuration. 

  • Assessing options for plant expansion or reconfiguration by developing and testing process simulation models. 

  • Optimizing production by analyzing processes and compiling de-bottleneck studies.   

  • Implementing and applying new technologies. 

  • Working closely with process chemists and control engineers to ensure the process plant is set up to provide maximum output levels and efficient running of the production facility. 

  • Working closely with other specialists, including engineers responsible for plant maintenance, Plan Supervisors responsible for production schedules and the operating crew. 

  • Optimization and enhancement of current equipment resources.

  • Comply with and enforce the corporate standards in matters of Health and Safety at work, Environmental Protection, Prevention os SERIOUS Accidents, Compliance with quality requirements of products and services and strictly follow the instructions and standards of safety, quality and protection of the environment indicated in the work instructions and/or work equipment's manufacturer's manual, and use the Individual Protection Equipment and means of containment provided by the complany.


  • Chemical Engineer 

  • Fluent in English (oral and written) and Spanish.  

  • 5 years of experience minimum in chemical manufacturing (fragrance ingredients preferred)

Key Competencies

  • Job Knowledge 

  • Problem Solving 

  • Results Orientation 

  • Teamwork 

  • Interpersonal Skills/Communication 


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