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Técnico Prevención (Responsable Servicio Prevención Propio)

Date: Oct 23, 2021

Location: Castellon, ES, 12580

Company: IFF Family of Companies

Job Description

Responsible for site safety by managing all risk prevention (safety, industrial hygiene, and ergonomics), dangerous goods, and product safety matters in site according to company standards and procedures and external requirements. 

Lead the Occupational Health and Safety own service, this means to promote and check that all the activities of Occupational Health and Safety plan have been implemented, ensure that all the values, attitudes, competences and behaviors patterns that, either individually or collectively, ensuring the commitment to the style and competence of a health, safety and security system.  

Act as the contact for safety & security matters, within IFF and externally. To ensure site management are advised of local safety & security requirements and compliance requirements. Ensure site management is advised of local safety & security requirements and compliance requirements. 


Environmental, Health and Safety.


Benicarló, Castellón - Spain.

Job Duties and Responsabilities

He/she must be stay ahead of Occupational Health and Safety own service in Bló Site. Act as a developer of Occupational Health and Safety programs, leading investigations and root cause analyses, checking operating and maintenance procedures and assessing equipment reliability systems. Additionally, this means to promote the set of values, attitudes, competencies and behavior patterns that, either individually or collectively, determine the commitment to the style and competence of a health, safety and security system.  

Provide leadership, counsel and technical assistance in PRL to the Rest of Organization and develop the safety Culture to the rest of organization. 

  • Responsible of Occupational Health and Safety own service.
  • Having knowledge of relevant Corporate Policies and Procedures. 
  • Managing required compliance programs for Corporate and local requirements. 
  • Review risk assessment for the different jobs and tasks performed. Coordinate training and inspection programs, industrial hygiene activities, and safety committee meetings. Advising on site goals and assist prioritizing activities, managing required compliance programs for Corporate and local requirements. 
  • Ensuring accidents and near misses are properly recorded, reported, and investigated. 
  • Maintaining accident statistics and advising management on trends or remedial actions. 
  • Reporting to management regularly on the status of the safety program and related activities.
  • Safety Management System coordinator.
  • Safety and Security training needs analysis based on the global safety policies and site-specific procedures (KPIs) and develop plans for employees and contractors. 
  • Supervise the ingredient data for legal / safety / labelling compliance. 
  • To ensure all chemicals are handled, shipped and used according the standards. This include global systems such as REACH or GHS.
  • Act as a deputy of Manage Dangerous Goods transport responsible. To ensure all transport of dangerous goods is performed according standard and regulations.
  • Coordinate fire prevention activities, emergency response plans, and employee training. To ensure any emergency is carried out correctly.
  • Guard management control (CCTV, AOE&AVSEC security aspects).

All other functions, activities and tasks inherent to the job that have not already been mentioned in order to contribute to the correct running of the Department, and in general, of IFF Benicarló.

Job Requirements

  • MS Degree in chemistry or chemical engineering or related science studies.
  • MS Degree in Risk Prevention (preferred 3 specialties).
  • Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor (Official certificate by road and air) preferred though not mandatory.
  • Certified as “Responsable de Seguridad Aérea-AVSEC”, preferred though not mandatory.
  • Knowledge on ISO managements systems: 9000, 14000 y 45000.
  • Fluent in English (Oral and written) and Spanish.
  • Experience in emergency evacuation procedures, training, and practice drills.

Key Competences and Skills

  • Team Leadership 
  • Team Building 
  • Results orientation 
  • Rapid prioritization and good quality delegation 
  • Maximization of resources 
  • Continuous learning 
  • Dealing with the change 
  • Innovation capability 
  • Analytical capability 
  • Systematic

Key Competencies

  • Job Knowledge 
  • Problem Solving 
  • Results Orientation 
  • Teamwork 
  • Interpersonal Skills/Communication 
  • Leadership 
  • Dealing with Change